Bored? Burn 5000 calories with no exercise ;)

So last week, Alex announced last minute that he had an office thing to go to, and would be home quite late. For 2 days!

First I was disappointed, to say the very least. As I am very new here, don’t have much friends here, especially in the village. What the hell am I going to do in the evenings without any company?

Messaged a few people I know in Maastricht, everyone was busy 🙄

Maybe I could watch back2back movies on Netflix, maybe get some chips. But then, aren’t they like a 1000 calories? Or wait…maybe I can make them at home, with less calories…hmm…

Ok, so it was time to look for the recipe. While I was doing that, Mr. Google, the know-it-all, decided to prompt me for skinny chocolate muffins! Oh well, why not…at least the binging will carry less guilt.

So I did it! Took me 3 hours, but finished my gorgeous, crisp chips in the oven, and amazing, gooey, but incredibly healthy muffins.

The evening flew by with me very happily engaged in my project, and in the end, had some delicious goodies for me and Alex 😋

And the icing on the cake? Or should I say muffins? 😉 Now for my whole life, I don’t have to rush to the store when I have cravings for chips and muffins, AND I can get away with lesser workouts as I don’t have to burn that much lesser. Call me optimistic, but am guessing at least 5000 calories lesser to burn in my whole life? That’s like eating normal chips and muffins, and burning the calories @same time. Now THAT is life changing!

My FF thought of the day: Next time you find yourself suddenly bored or alone, instead of mindless Netflix-ing, why don’t you try something you’ve never done before, related to something you enjoy or find stimulating? Learn something new? You will have no idea how time will pass, you will have a good end result for you and your loved ones, and the knowledge you acquire in the process may be life changing too 🙂


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